Get MORE Chances to Become a Millionaire...
Play the UK Millionaire Raffle with Your Euro Millions Entry!

With the addition of the UK Millionaire Raffle game, OSA Euro Millions players now have an extra chance to win £1,000,000.00 each week!

Every Tuesday and Friday in the UK, a Millionaire Raffle draw is held before the main Euro Millions draw. The Euro Millions player holding the winning raffle ticket becomes an instant millionaire!

The UK Millionaire Raffle draw will always produce one winning ticket, so at least two new UK millionaires are guaranteed every week.

This makes the Euro Millions game even more exciting for everyone who plays – because even if the Euro Millions results have not worked in your favour – you still have the chance of becoming a Millionaire Raffle winner and becoming £1 Million richer! And because all National Lottery prizes in the UK are tax-free, you get to keep every penny you win!

More than 2,500 millionaires have been created by the UK National Lottery in the past 16 years, and with the introduction of the Euro Millions/Millionaire Raffle tandem, it’s bound to create many, many more.

YOU could be the next one!

Order your UK-Euro Millions entries now!


Millionaire Raffle Results

Millionaire Raffle results are drawn immediately before the main Euro Millions draw every Tuesday and Friday, and so they give players the chance to win £1 million even before the Euro Millions numbers have been determined. For a UK Euro Millions player to win the £1 million Millionaire Raffle prize, their Millionaire Raffle number must be identical to the Millionaire Raffle results generated by the Millionaire Raffle draw.



« FAQ's »

How Does The Euro Millions Millionaire Raffle Work?

The add-on Millionaire Raffle is drawn every week in the UK before the main Euro Millions draw. The prize is £1 Million, and is guaranteed to be won by someone every week.

To enter, your Euro Millions ticket must be purchased in the UK. The entry costs a little more than in other countries, but each ticket will automatically include an extra raffle number unique to that ticket only.



What Does A Millionaire Raffle Number Look Like?

Raffle numbers are 9 digits long, made up of three letters then six numbers (for example DEF456781). Unfortunately you cannot pick your own Raffle numbers, as each raffle number is created when printing your Euro Millions ticket.


« What are the odds »

The odds you can enjoy for the Millionaire Raffle game are expected to be around about 1 in 6 million. The actual odds of winning the guaranteed £1 Million will depend upon how many Euro Millions tickets have been purchased in the UK for that particular Euro Millions draw.

« Special Draws »

On occasion, the UK Millionaire Raffle will have special draws awarding more than one player with the £1,000,000 prize.

  • On Friday, 12 November 2010, TEN winning raffle numbers were drawn to create ten brand new millionaires

  • On Christmas Eve (24 December 2010) there were 25 guaranteed Millionaire Raffle winners, each receiving £1,000,000 for matching the raffle numbers drawn.


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